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Fed Rate Cuts

Market Up as Investors Bet on Future Fed Rate Cuts? Cramer Reveals What’s Next


Stock Market Up Despite Hawkish Fed Talk: The stock market defies Fed hawkishness on hopes of future rate cuts. Jim Cramer dives into what’s driving the market, upcoming earnings reports, and buying opportunities.

The stock market is up even though there are negative talks from some Federal Reserve officials. The author, Jim Cramer, believes this is because the market has anticipated the Federal Reserve needing to cut rates in the future. An economic slowdown is likely due to these talks from Federal Reserve officials spooking investors. This slowdown could lead to price rollbacks from companies like Home Depot. Cramer predicts a weaker CPI number than expected. This will make the skeptics understand why the market has been going higher for the last couple of weeks.

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Walmart to Announce Price Rollbacks?

Walmart reports on Thursday and Cramer believes they might announce price rollbacks.

Applied Materials to Have Strong Quarter

Applied Materials is a company that makes machinery that goes into Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Because Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company had some very good things to say, Cramer predicts Applied Materials will have a strong quarter.

Cramer: Buy Cracker Barrel on Dividend Cut

Cracker Barrel is expected to cut its dividend. Cramer says that if it does happen, you should buy the stock because the dividend cut is widely expected to happen.

Wait for Pullback in Morgan Stanley Before Buying

Investors are waiting for a pullback in Morgan Stanley before repurchasing the stock. Cramer says to wait until the stock goes to 95 before buying.

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Recursion Pharmaceuticals Catches Nvidia’s Eye

Recursion Pharmaceuticals has caught the eye of Nvidia and Cramer recommends buying the stock.



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