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Palantir Stock

Palantir Stock: Buy the Dip After CEO’s Bold AI Claims? Analyst Weighs In


Palantir Stock Dips Despite CEO’s Bold Statements: Analyst Upgrades to Borderline Buy

Palantir’s stock price dropped despite CEO touting the company’s AI advancements. Should you buy the dip? An analyst offers his insights.

Palantir’s CEO touts the company’s progress in AI and its role as a trusted partner for governments.
Stock price goes down instead of up after the announcement.
Analyst Parkev Tatevosian sees Palantir as a company that’s doing AI well and believes the recent stock price decrease presents a good buying opportunity.

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Palantir, an AI company, and its stock analysis

Palantir Paradox Stock Dips After CEO's Bold AI Claims, But Analyst Calls it a Buy

While Palantir’s CEO, Alex Karp, made bold statements about the company’s progress, the stock price went down instead of up after the announcement.

Parkev Tatevosian, a CFA, then shared his analysis on why the stock price might have reacted differently than what the CEO expected. He acknowledges that Palantir is one of the few companies that are doing AI well and that the company’s reputation for being the best-in-class AI service has helped Palantir expand into businesses.

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However, he also acknowledges the headwinds in Europe, where 16% of Palantir’s business is from. The European economy is not doing well due to the war, and that’s a problem for Palantir.

Overall, Tatevosian believes that after the stock price decrease, Palantir offers investors a reasonable risk versus reward, and that’s why he upgraded Palantir stock to a borderline buy.

Palantir Stock: Buy the Dip After CEO’s Bold AI Claims? Analyst Weighs In

Palantir Stock


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