Brace for epic battles, epic casting, and epic reveals in Rebel Moon Part 2! Gear up for the release date, plot clues, and returning characters in this spoiler-filled webstory.


Part 2 Blasts Off April 19th 2024

Rebel Moon Rumbles On

Veldt's Heroes Return: Kora Leads the Charge Against the Motherworld

War Drums Echo: Prepare for Epic Battles Across the Universe

Who Will Rise (and Fall)? Key Players in The Scargiver's Saga

Kora's Crew: Sofia Boutella Leads a Familiar (and Fierce) Team

Noble's Nightmare: The Hunt for Kora Continues (with Deadly Stakes)

New Allies? Old Wounds? Unraveling the Mysteries of Part 2

Flashbacks & Farewells? Who Might We (Sadly) Miss in The Scargiver?

Weapons & Wonders: Gear Up for Sci-Fi Spectacle Beyond Imagination

From Rebellious Roots to Galactic Rebellion: The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Beyond the Battlefield: Secrets of the Motherworld and Veldt's Destiny

Snyder's Masterstroke: A Visual Symphony of Action and Emotion

Mark Your Calendars: April 19th is the Day the Galaxy Trembles

More Than Just a Sequel: The Scargiver Promises to Redefine Sci-Fi

Rebel Moon Part 2: Buckle Up for a Wild Ride Across the Cosmos

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