Love Letter: Alan Hamel's Tribute to Suzanne Somers

R. Couri Hay, Suzanne Somers' publicist, revealed that Alan delivered her the poem a day early and that she read it before bed.

The poem is a reflection on the term "love" and its varied applications in daily life.

Alan Hamel described how he uses the term "love" in emails to family and friends.

The poem dives into the various ways "love" is conveyed and felt, from the flavor of fresh, organic dates to the description of delicious meals.

Alan Hamel attempted to express his tremendous love for Suzanne, emphasizing that the word "love" falls short of expressing his sentiments for her.

The poem highlights their 55 years together, with 46 years of marriage, emphasizing their amazing closeness.

Even holding hands while sleeping or staring at Suzanne's sleeping face couldn't properly express his feelings for her.

Alan came to the conclusion that there are no words, acts, pledges, or statements that can adequately express his love for Suzanne, and he referred to it as "us" - a mystical and indescribably wonderful connection.

Alan Hamel and Suzanne Somers' love is beautifully captured in the poem.

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