It's a star-studded birthday bonanza on January 7th! NFL superstars, Oscar winners, and even astronauts who made history in space.


Heisman Trophy winner, Pro Bowler, and Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson turns 26 today

Lamar Jackson

Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton, with a whopping 7 world championships under his belt, zooms into 38 today

Lewis Hamilton

British-American actress Lauren Cohan, best known for playing Maggie Greene in "The Walking Dead," celebrates 41 years today

Lauren Cohan

American actor (The Hurt Locker; The Town; The Avengers), born in Modesto, California

Jeremy Renner

American actor, From Oscar-winning roles in "Leaving Las Vegas" to stealing hearts in "Moonstruck," Nicolas Cage turns 59 today!

Nicolas Cage

American Senator Rand Paul, known for his sharp wit and libertarian views, celebrates 60 years today!

Rand Paul

Remembered for the first welding experiments in space, Soviet-Russian cosmonaut Valery Kubasov's legacy lives on

Valery Kubasov

Australian aviation pioneer, businessman and co-founder of QANTAS, born in Launceston, Tasmania

Hudson Fysh

The 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore, would be 224 today, born in Moravia, New York

Millard Fillmore

The Italian pope who gave us the Gregorian calendar we use today, Pope Gregory XIII, would be 522 today, born in Bologna, Papal States.

Gregory XIII

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