F-35A, unveiling its stealth, power, and unmatched dominance. The future of air combat.


Unmatched lethality, survivability, and connectivity. Dominate any adversary, bring pilots home safe.

F-35A - The World's Most Advanced Fighter

The F-35 is built for the future, adaptable to meet evolving threats and maintain air superiority for years to come.

Designed for Decades of Dominance

Lockheed Martin's 24/7 support keeps the F-35 fleet mission-ready, ensuring pilots can take off and return safely. Advanced sustainment techniques minimize downtime and maximize operational effectiveness.

Mission-Ready, Anytime, Anywhere

Legacy jets aging, adversaries advance. F-35A - Unwavering air dominance for the future.

Air Dominance, Decades Long

Most common variant for US Air Force & partners. Conventional runway operation - global adaptability.

F-35A: Air Force & Allies' Choice

Length: 51.4ft, Height: 14.4ft, Wingspan: 35ft. Max weight: 70,000lbs, Speed: Mach 1.6 (1,200mph).

Specs That Thrill

25mm cannon, 2 AIM-120C/D missiles, 2 GBU-31 JDAMs. 18,000lbs max payload - versatility redefined.

Internal Arsenal Unleased

Unmatched situational awareness - every threat detected. F-35A sees all, dominates all.

Beyond Stealth: Sensor

Share intel, coordinate strikes, amplify effectiveness. F-35A - the ultimate force multiplier.

Networked Powerhouse

Jobs, innovation, global partnerships thrive. F-35A - fuel for economic growth.

Economic Engine

Experience the F-35A - the future of airpower today. Secure skies, build partnerships, write history.

The Future of Flight is Here

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