F-22 Raptor, King of Dogfights? Or will F-35's data smarts and diverse arsenal rule the modern battlefield? We compare these fifth-gen titans to see who reigns supreme.


F-22 vs. F-35, the ultimate fifth-gen fighter showdown.

Clash of Titans

F-22 boasts Mach 2.2, but F-35 packs modern tech and adaptability.

Speed Demon

Both bite, but F-22's maneuverability and firepower might win close-up brawls.

Dogfight Duo

F-35 evolves with software updates, becoming a "computer in the sky."

Future Fighter

F-35 carries a heavier punch, launching missiles and bombs like a flying arsenal.

Ground Game

F-35 variants serve Air Force, Navy, and Marines, a true multi-role marvel.

One for All

Both vanish from radar, but F-22 might still hold the edge.

Stealth Showdown

Both fighters are crucial, filling air superiority and data warfare roles.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Ukraine war shows drone swarms and long-range strikes might reign supreme.

Dogfighting Days Done?

J-20 "Mighty Dragon" rises, could F-22's agility be the key?

China Challenge

F-35's data network could revolutionize future battlefields.

Beyond the Battlefield

F-22's limited numbers and high cost raise questions about sustainability.

The Price of Power

F-35's global partners and adaptability give it a strategic edge.

Export Advantage

Both continue to evolve, shaping the air combat landscape for decades to come.

The Future of Skies

Who Wins? It depends on the mission. Dogfighting? F-22. Modern data wars? F-35.

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