Christina Aguilera breaking her silence on Britney Spears' memoir "The Woman In Me"

Christina Aguilera speaks about Britney Spears' memoir in a recent interview.

She's preparing for her own Las Vegas Residency.

Aguilera appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to discuss music and her residency.

Jimmy Kimmel asked if Britney reached out to her regarding the memoir.

Christina expressed uncertainty about any contact with Britney.

The two grew up together on "The Mickey Mouse Club."

Christina hopes everything is good for Britney. She wishes for a positive future.

Jimmy Kimmel asked if she'd want to be in the memoir.

Christina humorously suggested that Jimmy could be in it.

Despite past feuds, Christina has positive things to say about Britney.

Britney's 13-year conservatorship ended in November 2021.

Christina couldn't comment on contact with Britney during the conservatorship.

Paris Hilton and Michelle Williams also support Britney and her memoir.

"The Woman In Me" is set to release on October 24, 2023.

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