Escape the bustling streets & dive into New York's green oasis. Discover hidden gardens, iconic landmarks & endless adventures.


Central Park Calling

Rent a rowboat & paddle under picturesque bridges, soaking in the city skyline & serene landscapes.

Glide on the Lake

Hop on a whimsical carousel at Wollman Rink, reminiscing about childhood & creating joyful memories.

Carousel Magic

Witness free Shakespearean performances under the summer sky, experiencing theatre like never before.

Shakespeare in the Park

Lose yourself in a vibrant wonderland of flowers, waterfalls & hidden sculptures. A feast for the senses!

Conservatory Garden

Rent a bike & explore winding paths, discovering secret nooks & breathtaking views.

Pedal Power

Get up close with playful penguins, majestic sea lions & curious monkeys at the Central Park Zoo.

Meet the Animals

Pay homage to John Lennon in this iconic mosaic-filled garden, soaking in peace & reflection.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Ascend to the top of Rockefeller Center & marvel at panoramic views of Central Park & the NYC skyline.

Top of the Rock

Catch free concerts on the Great Lawn, swaying to diverse music with the city as your backdrop.

SummerStage Grooves

Seek out Belvedere Castle's secret balcony, meander through the Ramble's wild paths, or uncover the Alice in Wonderland statue.

Hidden Gems

Spread out a blanket on Sheep Meadow, savor delicious treats & soak in the vibrant park atmosphere.

Picnic Paradise

Enjoy free public theater productions under the stars, immersing yourself in Shakespearean classics or contemporary works.

Delacorte Theater

Capture breathtaking hues as the sun dips below the city skyline, painting Central Park in a magical twilight glow.

Sunset Stroll

From iconic sights to hidden treasures, Central Park offers endless possibilities for adventure & wonder.

Memories Made

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