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Who's Running For President In 2024

#The Democrats' Presidential Candidates

Marianne Williamson

#The Republican Presidential Candidates

Donald J. Trump
Nikki Haley
Vivek Ramaswamy
Mike Pence
Ron DeSantis
Dog Burgum
Ryan Binkley
Perry Johnson
Tim Scott
Asa Hutchinson
Chris Christie
Will Hurd
Larry Elder

*List of All Republican Presidential Candidates

  • Donald J. Trump
  • Nikki Haley
  • Vivek Ramaswamy
  • Mike Pence
  • Ron DeSantis
  • Doug Burgum
  • Ryan Binkley
  • Perry Johnson
  • Tim Scott
  • Asa Hutchinson
  • Chris Christie
  • Will Hurd
  • Larry Elder

#The Third Party

  • Cornel West

#Droped Out

  • Francis Suarez

*Not Running Candidates

  • Mike Pompeo (R)
  • Larry Hogan (R)
  • Chris Sununu (R)

Unveiling The 2024 Money Race: Who's Dominating The Presidential Candidate Finances?

June 30 Cash Reserves on Hand (In Millions)
CandidatesCash on Hand (In Millions)
Donald J. Trump$22.5
Tim Scott$21.1
Joseph R. Biden Jr.$20.1
Ron DeSantis$12.2
Vivek Ramaswamy$9.0
Nikki Haley$6.8
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.$4.5
Doug Burgum$3.7
Chris Christie$1.6
Mike Pence$1.1
Francis Suarez$0.9
Asa Hutchinson$0.4
Larry Elder$0.3
Will Hurd$0.2
Marianne Williamson$0.1
Cornel West<$0.1

Source: Federal Election Commission

Funds Accumulated From April 1st to June 30th (In Millions)
CandidatesCash on Hand (In Millions)
Ron DeSantis$20.1
Joseph R. Biden Jr.$19.9
Donald J. Trump$17.7
Doug Burgum$11.8
Vivek Ramaswamy$7.7
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.$6.4
Tim Scott$5.9
Nikki Haley$5.3
Chris Christie$1.7
Mike Pence$1.2
Francis Suarez$0.9
Marianne Williamson$0.9
Asa Hutchinson$0.6
Larry Elder$0.5
Will Hurd$0.3
Francis Suarez$0.9
Cornel West<$0.1

Source: Federal Election Commission

Money Spent Between April 1 and June 30 (In millions)
CandidatesCash on Hand (In Millions)
Donald J. Trump$9.1
Doug Burgum$8.1
Vivek Ramaswamy$8.1
Ron DeSantis$7.9
Tim Scott$6.7
Nikki Haley$2.6
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.$1.8
Joseph R. Biden Jr.$1.1
Marianne Williamson$1.1
Asa Hutchinson$0.2
Larry Elder$0.1
Mike Pence <$0.1
Chris Christie <$0.1
Francis Suarez <$0.1
Will Hurd <$0.1
Cornel West <$0.1

Source: Federal Election Commission

US President Election 2024 Overview

Election2024 US Presidential Elections
CommissionFederal Election Commission
NationUnited States of America
Number of States50
Previous Election2020
Upcoming Election2024
US President Election 2024 Date5th November 2024
2024 US Presidential Election CandidatesBiden, Trump, Ramaswamy, Haley, Kennedy, Williamson, DeSantis, Binkley, Johnson, Pence, Burgum, Hutchinson, Scott, Hurd, Elder, Christie, West
Candidates on The IssuesEconomic Policy, Abortion, Climate Change, China, Immigration, War In Ukraine, Transgender Rights, Trump Investigations, Education, Gun Control, Healthcare, and Development of States

2024 US Presidential Election Calendar (Date and Schedule)

Jan 15Iowa Caucus
Feb 3South CarolinaPrimary 
Feb 6NevadaPrimary 
Feb 8Nevada Caucus
Feb 24South Carolina  Primary
Feb 27MichiganPrimaryPrimary
Mar 2Idaho Caucus
Mar 3District of Columbia Primary
Mar 4North Dacota Caucus
Mar 5Alabama*PrimaryPrimary
 Alaska Primary
 American SamoaCaucus 
 North Carolina*PrimaryPrimary
Mar 12Democrats AbroadPrimary 
 Hawaii Caucus
 Northern MarianaPrimary 
Mar 17Puerto RicoPrimaryPrimary
Mar 19ArizonaPrimaryPrimary
Mar 23LouisianaPrimaryPrimary
Apr 2DelawarePrimaryPrimary
 New YorkPrimaryPrimary
 Rhode IslandPrimaryPrimary
Apr 6AlaskaPrimary 
 North DacotaPrimary 
Apr 13WyomingCaucus 
Apr 23Pennsylvania*PrimaryPrimary
Apr 30ConnecticutPrimaryPrimary
May 7Indiana*PrimaryPrimary
May 14Maryland* PrimaryPrimary
 West Virginia*PrimaryPrimary
May 18IdahoCaucus 
May 21Kentucky*PrimaryPrimary
June 4District of ColumbiaPrimary 
 New Jersey*Primary Primary
 New Mexico*PrimaryPrimary
 South Dacota*PrimaryPrimary
June 8Virgin IslandsCaucus 
July 15 – 18Republican Convention (Milwaukee, WI)
Aug 19 – 22Democratic Convention (Chicago, IL)
Nov 52024 Presidential Election 
Dec 17Electors Cast Their Votes

*On the same day as the decisive election for different political seats, as applicable, including those in the Legislature, the Governors, and the Congress.

Date Undetermined: Once a projected date can be determined, we will be added to the calendar. Where a (month) is indicated, it is our best prediction as to when the contest will take place.

New Hampshire (January) | New Hampshire (January)

American Samoa (March)

Guam (March) | Guam (May)

Iowa (March)

Missouri (March)

Northern Mariana (March)

Puerto Rico (March)

Virgin Islands (March)

Wyoming (March)

Source: 270ToWin

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