Campaign Launches to Defeat Amendment C: Group says Amendment C is a political ploy that empowers special interests

Huron, South Dakota – South Dakotans for Fair Elections, a South Dakota ballot committee, has launched a campaign to defeat Amendment C, which will appear on the ballot this coming June. The committee is chaired by Ashley Kingdon, a small business owner from Huron. She released the following statement: 

“South Dakota is strongest when voters are listened to. Unfortunately, Amendment C is a political ploy that would empower special interests, lobbyists and politicians, at the expense of South Dakota voters. If you care about secure and fair elections, vote no on C. 

“I’m proud to be chairing this effort to defeat Amendment C, and look forward to announcing more about our campaign soon.”

South Dakotans for Fair Elections is a group of individuals and organizations that believe South Dakota is strongest when our elections are secure, fair, and voters get to decide on the issues that matter most to them, not just special interests. They will be campaigning to defeat amendment C in June. 


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